Avantgarde Midsummer Specials

June 21-23 in Schiphorst

Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst presents:   Avantgarde Midsummer Specials

Hi dear friends of the Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst,

we believe many of you wonder : why doing this new “Avantgarde Midsummer Specials” instead of just organizing another “Avantgarde Festival“?
Simple: 2019 was the last edition of the Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst as such. The festival had reached its ideal goal: Utopia was made possible …three days long! Hat off to the audience and to the makers, special wink to JM and Carina! It was then the best time to end the Avantgarde Festival.
JM moved on to a bigger Festival and Carina took a break.

Now we feel the urge to celebrate again this pageant high time of the year: Mid-Summer, Sommersonnenwende, Alban Hefin… by making sure that the camp fire will burn bright and high on June 21st,that children and dogs will run wild on the site, that music and art and games will fill our ears, eyes and hearts.
We will keep it simple though, there will be less bands, more time to communicate; there will be an exhibition of peculiar instruments, films to watch and paintings to look at... the food will be as great and homemade as usual.

Der Geist des Festivals remains.

We are impatient to see many of you again and to welcome many new ones, too.

The Avantgarde Midsummer Specials Team